Shaman Credo Mutwa Shares Truths About His Experience with Reptilians in Africa and History Being Rewritten (w/ David Icke)

David Icke speaks with Shaman Credo Mutwa about his experience as an initiate and how South African history is dying with the last of the shamans like Mutwa.

According to alternate historians like Shaman Credo Mutwa, the modern schools of history are filling the minds of every successive generation of youth with pseudo truths about the being of man. This is in fact a part of the reptilian race plan to keep the mortals stupefied into a non-sensical understanding of the true reality of what it is to be Divine human beings.


Transcript of video of Shaman Credo Mutwa with David Icke…

DAVID ICKE: Hello and welcome to Africa, this enormous and astonishing continent. South Africa to be more precise. Just a short drive outside Johnannesburg. And I’m here to talk to a remarkable man, Credo Mutwa.

When I first came to South Africa about 18 months ago, within 2 or 3 days I was introduced to Credo Mutwa. I’d never heard of him at the time. But from the moment I met him, I didn’t stop listening and he didn’t stop talking for at least 5 hours.

And within the first few minutes I realized I wasn’t just in the presence here of a man of great knowledge, and he’s certainly that, I was in the presence of a genius, a unique human being. And Credo Mutwa is without doubt the most incredible man it has been my honor to meet.

Credo is what some people around the world call a Shaman and some deeply, deeply ignorant people call a witch doctor. And to give him his official title he’s a Sanusi in the Zulu nation. Sanusi is the carrier, the keeper, of the ancient knowledge…the ancient knowledge of so much including the ancient knowledge of history of Africa. Where all this came from…where the people came from…what the truth of history is, instead of the largely non-sensical version of history that we get through the universities and the schools from very very well educated professors, you know.

There are only two Sanusis left in South Africa. Credo is one. And that’s terrifying because it means the true version of the history of this continent is dying. It’s being lost to this official nonsense that we’re told is history but is absolute garbage.

History is being rewritten and the people who can put that history together again are going out of this world as they age and are not replaced.

So you’re about to have, as I have, the enormous privilege of hearing this man talk and seeing his knowledge preserved for as long as the electronic medium exists.

He is the official storyteller and keeper of the history of the knowledge of the Zulu people. But you know knowledge is a very dangerous thing when you’re trying to hold people down into a mind prison…you’re trying to manipulate them…you’re trying to control them.

And so people like Credo Mutwa, who have the knowledge to rewrite history and therefore rewrite the present…they are very dangerous people to those that wish to control and suppress.

This man has had endless threats to his life, endless attempts on his life, right up to the last few days. And he has upset the hierarchy of his own people. As much as he has upset those others in other cultures and other races that wish also to suppress the truth for reasons of preserving their own religious domination or keeping people in ignorance.

And so, I’ve come here to talk to Credo at length about many things and this is a series of unique videos with a unique man.

And what we’re going to start out with is to concentrate on a bizarre story, an off-the-wall story you would think. But one which he is confirming at every turn from his own background, his own unique knowledge of this continent.

Over the last few years as I’ve been trying to uncover how the world controlled by a few people, which it is, and who those people are. It has emerged from my research that, bizarre as it may seem, a reptilian race from another world interbred with humanity in the far ancient world creating hybrid, cross-breed bloodlines.

You see references to these in the Old Testament and into endless of the ancient texts. In the Old Testament it talks about the Sons of God, which in the original, is Sons of the Gods (plural) interbreeding with the daughters of man to create the hybrid race the Nephilan.

These gods were the literal gods of the ancient people. And they use to sacrifice people literally to the gods. And these cross-breed bloodlines, as ancient accounts tell around the world were put into the positions of ruling royal power in the ancient world. And then, as is happening today, when you do the genealogy of the ruling families and the ruling positions of power in the world, be they the 42 presidents of the United States up to Bill they the British royal family…be the aristocracy of Europe.

Any of these key ruling elites…the top of the banking system…the top of the global business system, you hit the family lines which go back to these same ruling lines of the ancient world, royal lines, that the ancient accounts say were the cross-breeds between humanity and these reptilian gods.

In other worlds, a reptilian extraterrestrial race has been controlling planet earth for thousands of years, to this day, and putting its genetic compatible bloodlines into the positions of power as presidents, prime ministers, banking leaders, business leaders, etc.

And this explains so many things…where we get the divine right of kings from, divine right to rule because of the bloodline and genetics. Why these ruling families of the aristocracy and the royal families have always incessantly interbred with each other. Just as the eastern establishment families of the United States do to produce so many presidents and banking leaders and administrators of government in the United States.

And astonishingly, and bizarre as I keep saying, and seemingly ridiculous as this story may be from our conditioned perspective of life and reality. When I started talking to Credo Mutwa, from his African experience and knowledge of the most staggering depths and variety, he tells exactly the same story that I have uncovered around the world. Exactly in great detail.

And if Africa and the world is ever gonna to be free…and we are, then they have to listen to this man. And they have to listen now. I started out by talking to Credo about the origin of the knowledge that he is about to share with us for the first time in so many cases. Because this is the knowledge that only initiates normally get. But as Credo says, the world needs to know this. And so, this is a unique video. And this is a unique man. And like I say, I asked him first about the origin of the knowledge that he is about to pass on.

When the white man started destroying our religion. When he started demonizing our gods. When he started ridiculing what we believed in and actually using educated Africans to destroy that ancient African religion. In many parts of Africa, our ancient religion went underground. And there were, call them secret societies, all over over South Africa and Central Africa and East Africa and West Africa where this knowledge was stowed and kept by aging guardians many many of whom did not know that in other parts of the land there were other guardians who were doing exactly as they were doing. Now, when I first became a Sangome, I was already, say a person of education.

Heaven Is Real: A Doctor’s Experience With the Afterlife

by Dr. Eben Alexander  | October 8, 2012 1:00 AM EDT

When a neurosurgeon found himself in a coma, he experienced things he never thought possible—a journey to the afterlife.

As a neurosurgeon, I did not believe in the phenomenon of near-death experiences. I grew up in a scientific world, the son of a neurosurgeon. I followed my father’s path and became an academic neurosurgeon, teaching at Harvard Medical School and other universities. I understand what happens to the brain when people are near death, and I had always believed there were good scientific explanations for the heavenly out-of-body journeys described by those who narrowly escaped death.

The brain is an astonishingly sophisticated but extremely delicate mechanism. Reduce the amount of oxygen it receives by the smallest amount and it will react. It was no big surprise that people who had undergone severe trauma would return from their experiences with strange stories. But that didn’t mean they had journeyed anywhere real.

Although I considered myself a faithful Christian, I was so more in name than in actual belief. I didn’t begrudge those who wanted to believe that Jesus was more than simply a good man who had suffered at the hands of the world. I sympathized deeply with those who wanted to believe that there was a God somewhere out there who loved us unconditionally. In fact, I envied such people the security that those beliefs no doubt provided. But as a scientist, I simply knew better than to believe them myself.

In the fall of 2008, however, after seven days in a coma during which the human part of my brain, the neocortex, was inactivated, I experienced something so profound that it gave me a scientific reason to believe in consciousness after death.

I know how pronouncements like mine sound to skeptics, so I will tell my story with the logic and language of the scientist I am.

Very early one morning four years ago, I awoke with an extremely intense headache. Within hours, my entire cortex—the part of the brain that controls thought and emotion and that in essence makes us human—had shut down. Doctors at Lynchburg General Hospital in Virginia, a hospital where I myself worked as a neurosurgeon, determined that I had somehow contracted a very rare bacterial meningitis that mostly attacks newborns. E. coli bacteria had penetrated my cerebrospinal fluid and were eating my brain.

When I entered the emergency room that morning, my chances of survival in anything beyond a vegetative state were already low. They soon sank to near nonexistent. For seven days I lay in a deep coma, my body unresponsive, my higher-order brain functions totally offline.

Then, on the morning of my seventh day in the hospital, as my doctors weighed whether to discontinue treatment, my eyes popped open.

There is no scientific explanation for the fact that while my body lay in coma, my mind—my conscious, inner self—was alive and well. While the neurons of my cortex were stunned to complete inactivity by the bacteria that had attacked them, my brain-free consciousness journeyed to another, larger dimension of the universe: a dimension I’d never dreamed existed and which the old, pre-coma me would have been more than happy to explain was a simple impossibility.

But that dimension—in rough outline, the same one described by countless subjects of near-death experiences and other mystical states—is there. It exists, and what I saw and learned there has placed me quite literally in a new world: a world where we are much more than our brains and bodies, and where death is not the end of consciousness but rather a chapter in a vast, and incalculably positive, journey.

I’m not the first person to have discovered evidence that consciousness exists beyond the body. Brief, wonderful glimpses of this realm are as old as human history. But as far as I know, no one before me has ever traveled to this dimension (a) while their cortex was completely shut down, and (b) while their body was under minute medical observation, as mine was for the full seven days of my coma.

All the chief arguments against near-death experiences suggest that these experiences are the results of minimal, transient, or partial malfunctioning of the cortex. My near-death experience, however, took place not while my cortex was malfunctioning, but while it was simply off. This is clear from the severity and duration of my meningitis, and from the global cortical involvement documented by CT scans and neurological examinations. According to current medical understanding of the brain and mind, there is absolutely no way that I could have experienced even a dim and limited consciousness during my time in the coma, much less the hyper-vivid and completely coherent odyssey I underwent.

It took me months to come to terms with what happened to me. Not just the medical impossibility that I had been conscious during my coma, but—more importantly—the things that happened during that time. Toward the beginning of my adventure, I was in a place of clouds. Big, puffy, pink-white ones that showed up sharply against the deep blue-black sky.

Higher than the clouds—immeasurably higher—flocks of transparent, shimmering beings arced across the sky, leaving long, streamer-like lines behind them.

Birds? Angels? These words registered later, when I was writing down my recollections. But neither of these words do justice to the beings themselves, which were quite simply different from anything I have known on this planet. They were more advanced. Higher forms.

A sound, huge and booming like a glorious chant, came down from above, and I wondered if the winged beings were producing it. Again, thinking about it later, it occurred to me that the joy of these creatures, as they soared along, was such that they had to make this noise—that if the joy didn’t come out of them this way then they would simply not otherwise be able to contain it. The sound was palpable and almost material, like a rain that you can feel on your skin but doesn’t get you wet.

Seeing and hearing were not separate in this place where I now was. I could hear the visual beauty of the silvery bodies of those scintillating beings above, and I could see the surging, joyful perfection of what they sang. It seemed that you could not look at or listen to anything in this world without becoming a part of it—without joining with it in some mysterious way. Again, from my present perspective, I would suggest that you couldn’t look at anything in that world at all, for the word “at” itself implies a separation that did not exist there. Everything was distinct, yet everything was also a part of everything else, like the rich and intermingled designs on a Persian carpet … or a butterfly’s wing.

It gets stranger still. For most of my journey, someone else was with me. A woman. She was young, and I remember what she looked like in complete detail. She had high cheekbones and deep-blue eyes. Golden brown tresses framed her lovely face. When first I saw her, we were riding along together on an intricately patterned surface, which after a moment I recognized as the wing of a butterfly. In fact, millions of butterflies were all around us—vast fluttering waves of them, dipping down into the woods and coming back up around us again. It was a river of life and color, moving through the air. The woman’s outfit was simple, like a peasant’s, but its colors—powder blue, indigo, and pastel orange-peach—had the same overwhelming, super-vivid aliveness that everything else had. She looked at me with a look that, if you saw it for five seconds, would make your whole life up to that point worth living, no matter what had happened in it so far. It was not a romantic look. It was not a look of friendship. It was a look that was somehow beyond all these, beyond all the different compartments of love we have down here on earth. It was something higher, holding all those other kinds of love within itself while at the same time being much bigger than all of them.

Without using any words, she spoke to me. The message went through me like a wind, and I instantly understood that it was true. I knew so in the same way that I knew that the world around us was real—was not some fantasy, passing and insubstantial.

The message had three parts, and if I had to translate them into earthly language, I’d say they ran something like this:

“You are loved and cherished, dearly, forever.”

“You have nothing to fear.”

“There is nothing you can do wrong.”

The message flooded me with a vast and crazy sensation of relief. It was like being handed the rules to a game I’d been playing all my life without ever fully understanding it.

“We will show you many things here,” the woman said, again, without actually using these words but by driving their conceptual essence directly into me. “But eventually, you will go back.”

To this, I had only one question.

Back where?

The universe as I experienced it in my coma is … the same one that both Einstein and Jesus were speaking of in their (very) different ways. A warm wind blew through, like the kind that spring up on the most perfect summer days, tossing the leaves of the trees and flowing past like heavenly water. A divine breeze. It changed everything, shifting the world around me into an even higher octave, a higher vibration.

Although I still had little language function, at least as we think of it on earth, I began wordlessly putting questions to this wind, and to the divine being that I sensed at work behind or within it.

Where is this place?

Who am I?

Why am I here?

Each time I silently put one of these questions out, the answer came instantly in an explosion of light, color, love, and beauty that blew through me like a crashing wave. What was important about these blasts was that they didn’t simply silence my questions by overwhelming them. They answered them, but in a way that bypassed language. Thoughts entered me directly. But it wasn’t thought like we experience on earth. It wasn’t vague, immaterial, or abstract. These thoughts were solid and immediate—hotter than fire and wetter than water—and as I received them I was able to instantly and effortlessly understand concepts that would have taken me years to fully grasp in my earthly life.

I continued moving forward and found myself entering an immense void, completely dark, infinite in size, yet also infinitely comforting. Pitch-black as it was, it was also brimming over with light: a light that seemed to come from a brilliant orb that I now sensed near me. The orb was a kind of “interpreter” between me and this vast presence surrounding me. It was as if I were being born into a larger world, and the universe itself was like a giant cosmic womb, and the orb (which I sensed was somehow connected with, or even identical to, the woman on the butterfly wing) was guiding me through it.

Later, when I was back, I found a quotation by the 17th-century Christian poet Henry Vaughan that came close to describing this magical place, this vast, inky-black core that was the home of the Divine itself.

“There is, some say, in God a deep but dazzling darkness …”

That was it exactly: an inky darkness that was also full to brimming with light.

I know full well how extraordinary, how frankly unbelievable, all this sounds. Had someone—even a doctor—told me a story like this in the old days, I would have been quite certain that they were under the spell of some delusion. But what happened to me was, far from being delusional, as real or more real than any event in my life. That includes my wedding day and the birth of my two sons.

What happened to me demands explanation.

Modern physics tells us that the universe is a unity—that it is undivided. Though we seem to live in a world of separation and difference, physics tells us that beneath the surface, every object and event in the universe is completely woven up with every other object and event. There is no true separation.

Before my experience these ideas were abstractions. Today they are realities. Not only is the universe defined by unity, it is also—I now know—defined by love. The universe as I experienced it in my coma is—I have come to see with both shock and joy—the same one that both Einstein and Jesus were speaking of in their (very) different ways.

I’ve spent decades as a neurosurgeon at some of the most prestigious medical institutions in our country. I know that many of my peers hold—as I myself did—to the theory that the brain, and in particular the cortex, generates consciousness and that we live in a universe devoid of any kind of emotion, much less the unconditional love that I now know God and the universe have toward us. But that belief, that theory, now lies broken at our feet. What happened to me destroyed it, and I intend to spend the rest of my life investigating the true nature of consciousness and making the fact that we are more, much more, than our physical brains as clear as I can, both to my fellow scientists and to people at large.

I don’t expect this to be an easy task, for the reasons I described above. When the castle of an old scientific theory begins to show fault lines, no one wants to pay attention at first. The old castle simply took too much work to build in the first place, and if it falls, an entirely new one will have to be constructed in its place.

I learned this firsthand after I was well enough to get back out into the world and talk to others—people, that is, other than my long-suffering wife, Holley, and our two sons—about what had happened to me. The looks of polite disbelief, especially among my medical friends, soon made me realize what a task I would have getting people to understand the enormity of what I had seen and experienced that week while my brain was down.

One of the few places I didn’t have trouble getting my story across was a place I’d seen fairly little of before my experience: church. The first time I entered a church after my coma, I saw everything with fresh eyes. The colors of the stained-glass windows recalled the luminous beauty of the landscapes I’d seen in the world above. The deep bass notes of the organ reminded me of how thoughts and emotions in that world are like waves that move through you. And, most important, a painting of Jesus breaking bread with his disciples evoked the message that lay at the very heart of my journey: that we are loved and accepted unconditionally by a God even more grand and unfathomably glorious than the one I’d learned of as a child in Sunday school.

Today many believe that the living spiritual truths of religion have lost their power, and that science, not faith, is the road to truth. Before my experience I strongly suspected that this was the case myself.

But I now understand that such a view is far too simple. The plain fact is that the materialist picture of the body and brain as the producers, rather than the vehicles, of human consciousness is doomed. In its place a new view of mind and body will emerge, and in fact is emerging already. This view is scientific and spiritual in equal measure and will value what the greatest scientists of history themselves always valued above all: truth.

This new picture of reality will take a long time to put together. It won’t be finished in my time, or even, I suspect, my sons’ either. In fact, reality is too vast, too complex, and too irreducibly mysterious for a full picture of it ever to be absolutely complete. But in essence, it will show the universe as evolving, multi-dimensional, and known down to its every last atom by a God who cares for us even more deeply and fiercely than any parent ever loved their child.


The Switch from Analog to Digital, Fiber Optics, New World Order and Spying On Us in Our Homes

Remember when we were encouraged to switch from analog to digital by our cable companies? Did you ever wonder why? Personally, I didn’t. But today I was led to this blog post from November 2008 which explains the switch which has to do with the New World Order, spying on you in your home and fiber optics (according to this blogger).

Do any of you reading this know more about these subjects? If so, will you please read on and provide your feedback? I don’t take what I read at face value without asking questions. There is plenty of disinformation on the internet.

I am all about getting down to the truth so I am very curious to know more. Only by asking questions about what we see and read can we get to the truth. So I’m not inclined to just believe what I see or read.

Please read the following first part of a blog post from Nov 8, 2011 and share in the comments section any links or information you can help direct us all to the truth so we all can be better informed. Thank you.


The Real Reason Behind The Switch From Analog To Digital

The age of deception is here and, thanks to digital technology, is now even easier to fool people in mass numbers. Seeing and hearing is no longer worth believing when it comes to digital technology. A photograph, a video, and any sound can be digitally manipulated to show something that is not really there. This leads us to the topic of why the US will be switching all broadcasts from analog to digital.

The answer is a two part answer; first, the most obvious reason is because with digital broadcasting, it would be incredibly easy to manipulate a live image. So what does that mean, you may ask?

That means that they can show you, for instance, a “terrorist act” taking place that really never took place and then use the images as proof of why we must retaliate and go to war with a particular nation. This is very dangerous stuff.

Undisclosed sources, experts on reverse technology have informed that any television set manufacture after 1995 has the capability not only to receive a broadcast signal, but to also send one. That’s correct, any television manufactured after 1995 already has a built in feature to send a broadcast signal from your living room of live images of what’s happening in your home.

You may ask, how can this be possible?

It’s really not as far fetched as you may think. Experts say that anything that is built for one particular purpose, can in deed be reconfigured to perform the exact opposite. For instance, a car is built to drive forward but it can also go backwards, a blowing machine used to blow leaves can actually be reconfigured to do a sucking function. I believe we call those “vacuum cleaners”.

OK, but how could they pull off such an operation of such magnitude? (You may ask.)

• Well, they did this in stages. First stage was to begin manufacturing these TV sets with hidden cameras either behind the picture tube or on the remote sensor area.

• Next, they would need to change the communication wiring network system to make it possible to receive multiple signals from multiple locations.

Well, you might remember that that’s been accomplished too. The system is called fiber optics and it’s been wired everywhere…phone lines and broadcasting lines which are joined in one gigantic digital communication network.

Now, since they know that they won’t be able to spy and monitor people through an older television set model, their solution is ingenious.

You simply won’t be able to watch any television programming until you either, buy a newer set which already comes equipped to monitor you, or until you buy their TV box converters which will come equipped with the same technology implanted on the newer TV models that will facilitate their monitoring of you by watching you in your own home!

Can’t afford a digital converter box?

Don’t worry, the government has millions of coupons that will assist you in getting one!

In other words, they want to be able to monitor every single one of us through hidden cameras which will be installed on these devices to see and hear all that you do in the privacy of your own home.

This is called “New World Order”. In communist countries like Cuba, if you say something that the government doesn’t like, a secret police will report you to the higher authorities and you will be whisked away and no one will see or hear from you again. Why aren’t they doing that now?

Well, the fact is that the carpet is being laid folks, and they will do just that in due time. The US constitution would have to be totally destroyed and some of you might already know that is already being accomplished. With the help of the media which the New World Order owns, people’s minds are being reshaped, controlled, and manipulated, in what they see, hear, or should believe is right, wrong, true, or false.

This is a fascist state known as the New World Order, where your privacy, rights, and privileges will be gone like a thief in the night.

It’s so outrageous that they see you (the average citizen) as one dumb sheep. If they tell you it’s good, then you better believe it.

Comcast has jumped on the ban wagon assisting the New World Order by openly admitting that they are installing cameras on their new Comcast cable boxes. They claim that this is to “serve you better”, of course. You see, because once you approach your television set, your TV will recognize you and pull all of your favorite TV programming ready for your viewing pleasure.


Come on!

Who writes the scripts for these people, and why do they insist we we are as dumb as a door knob? Be ready to be insulted, demoralized, ridiculed, and who knows what more, because you are a thinking person and have common sense.

The New World Order doesn’t like that one bit, so they will do their best to discredit the sources that produce truth. Folks, this is happening every day.

Anyone with a legitimate question is being ridiculed and anyone bringing legitimate concerns is being labeled a “quack” a “nut” a “conspiracy fool”, etc.


To view the entire blogpost, go to