Shaman Credo Mutwa Shares Truths About His Experience with Reptilians in Africa and History Being Rewritten (w/ David Icke)

David Icke speaks with Shaman Credo Mutwa about his experience as an initiate and how South African history is dying with the last of the shamans like Mutwa.

According to alternate historians like Shaman Credo Mutwa, the modern schools of history are filling the minds of every successive generation of youth with pseudo truths about the being of man. This is in fact a part of the reptilian race plan to keep the mortals stupefied into a non-sensical understanding of the true reality of what it is to be Divine human beings.


Transcript of video of Shaman Credo Mutwa with David Icke…

DAVID ICKE: Hello and welcome to Africa, this enormous and astonishing continent. South Africa to be more precise. Just a short drive outside Johnannesburg. And I’m here to talk to a remarkable man, Credo Mutwa.

When I first came to South Africa about 18 months ago, within 2 or 3 days I was introduced to Credo Mutwa. I’d never heard of him at the time. But from the moment I met him, I didn’t stop listening and he didn’t stop talking for at least 5 hours.

And within the first few minutes I realized I wasn’t just in the presence here of a man of great knowledge, and he’s certainly that, I was in the presence of a genius, a unique human being. And Credo Mutwa is without doubt the most incredible man it has been my honor to meet.

Credo is what some people around the world call a Shaman and some deeply, deeply ignorant people call a witch doctor. And to give him his official title he’s a Sanusi in the Zulu nation. Sanusi is the carrier, the keeper, of the ancient knowledge…the ancient knowledge of so much including the ancient knowledge of history of Africa. Where all this came from…where the people came from…what the truth of history is, instead of the largely non-sensical version of history that we get through the universities and the schools from very very well educated professors, you know.

There are only two Sanusis left in South Africa. Credo is one. And that’s terrifying because it means the true version of the history of this continent is dying. It’s being lost to this official nonsense that we’re told is history but is absolute garbage.

History is being rewritten and the people who can put that history together again are going out of this world as they age and are not replaced.

So you’re about to have, as I have, the enormous privilege of hearing this man talk and seeing his knowledge preserved for as long as the electronic medium exists.

He is the official storyteller and keeper of the history of the knowledge of the Zulu people. But you know knowledge is a very dangerous thing when you’re trying to hold people down into a mind prison…you’re trying to manipulate them…you’re trying to control them.

And so people like Credo Mutwa, who have the knowledge to rewrite history and therefore rewrite the present…they are very dangerous people to those that wish to control and suppress.

This man has had endless threats to his life, endless attempts on his life, right up to the last few days. And he has upset the hierarchy of his own people. As much as he has upset those others in other cultures and other races that wish also to suppress the truth for reasons of preserving their own religious domination or keeping people in ignorance.

And so, I’ve come here to talk to Credo at length about many things and this is a series of unique videos with a unique man.

And what we’re going to start out with is to concentrate on a bizarre story, an off-the-wall story you would think. But one which he is confirming at every turn from his own background, his own unique knowledge of this continent.

Over the last few years as I’ve been trying to uncover how the world controlled by a few people, which it is, and who those people are. It has emerged from my research that, bizarre as it may seem, a reptilian race from another world interbred with humanity in the far ancient world creating hybrid, cross-breed bloodlines.

You see references to these in the Old Testament and into endless of the ancient texts. In the Old Testament it talks about the Sons of God, which in the original, is Sons of the Gods (plural) interbreeding with the daughters of man to create the hybrid race the Nephilan.

These gods were the literal gods of the ancient people. And they use to sacrifice people literally to the gods. And these cross-breed bloodlines, as ancient accounts tell around the world were put into the positions of ruling royal power in the ancient world. And then, as is happening today, when you do the genealogy of the ruling families and the ruling positions of power in the world, be they the 42 presidents of the United States up to Bill they the British royal family…be the aristocracy of Europe.

Any of these key ruling elites…the top of the banking system…the top of the global business system, you hit the family lines which go back to these same ruling lines of the ancient world, royal lines, that the ancient accounts say were the cross-breeds between humanity and these reptilian gods.

In other worlds, a reptilian extraterrestrial race has been controlling planet earth for thousands of years, to this day, and putting its genetic compatible bloodlines into the positions of power as presidents, prime ministers, banking leaders, business leaders, etc.

And this explains so many things…where we get the divine right of kings from, divine right to rule because of the bloodline and genetics. Why these ruling families of the aristocracy and the royal families have always incessantly interbred with each other. Just as the eastern establishment families of the United States do to produce so many presidents and banking leaders and administrators of government in the United States.

And astonishingly, and bizarre as I keep saying, and seemingly ridiculous as this story may be from our conditioned perspective of life and reality. When I started talking to Credo Mutwa, from his African experience and knowledge of the most staggering depths and variety, he tells exactly the same story that I have uncovered around the world. Exactly in great detail.

And if Africa and the world is ever gonna to be free…and we are, then they have to listen to this man. And they have to listen now. I started out by talking to Credo about the origin of the knowledge that he is about to share with us for the first time in so many cases. Because this is the knowledge that only initiates normally get. But as Credo says, the world needs to know this. And so, this is a unique video. And this is a unique man. And like I say, I asked him first about the origin of the knowledge that he is about to pass on.

When the white man started destroying our religion. When he started demonizing our gods. When he started ridiculing what we believed in and actually using educated Africans to destroy that ancient African religion. In many parts of Africa, our ancient religion went underground. And there were, call them secret societies, all over over South Africa and Central Africa and East Africa and West Africa where this knowledge was stowed and kept by aging guardians many many of whom did not know that in other parts of the land there were other guardians who were doing exactly as they were doing. Now, when I first became a Sangome, I was already, say a person of education.

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