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The Ascension Is Not An Exclusive Club by Bella Capozzi

Ascension is happening.  It is happening everywhere you look, everywhere you go.  You have need only to open up your hearts and your eyes to know that this is true. Be of a mind to see, but see with your … Continue reading

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Love M. Powers is a channel of information to those who want updates on the transformation taking place on Earth

I found Wes Annac’s personal blog on the morning of November 8, 2012 and I love the narrative on his page where he describes what he does and why and for whom. So I’ve taken the liberty to copy it … Continue reading

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SaLuSa 16-November-2012 [Mike Quinsey]

We notice a great upturn in the amount of Light upon the Earth, and that is to your credit and dedication to have brought so much to it. To some the energies are proving to be too powerful and disorientating. … Continue reading

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