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I am a lover of life and passionate about learning, growing, evolving, sharing and helping people. I love hearing other people's stories and sharing my own, in the hopes of inspiring and empowering people to live their best lives.

The Challenge is Challenging

by Love M. Powers Day 3 of the Your Turn Challenge, and I am finding this surprisingly challenging. I like to write, so content should be easy for me. But today, I’m blanking on what to write about. So … Continue reading

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I failed. Or did I?

by Love M. Powers Day two of the blogging challenge and it’s just past midnight and into the third day. I totally forgot…until now. So did I fail? I guess I’ve got to set some kind of an alarm … Continue reading

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It’s Seth Godin’s [and my Spirit Guides’] Fault I’m Challenged Today (Winnie Kao’s, too)

by Love M. Powers They challenged me. And I am accepting the “Your Turn Challenge” put forth by Winnie who is Seth Godin’s Special Projects Lead to write one blog post [article] everyday for seven days. I’ve been wanting … Continue reading

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Angels and Spiritual Evolution [by Wes Annac]

Credit: Dave McClellan Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness One of the ideas that’s tossed around the conscious community is that there are other planes of existence beyond the physical earth. With dedication, effort and patience, we can … Continue reading

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Galactic Technology, What has Happened and What to Expect [Pleiadians • Wes Annac]

Channeled Interview with the Pleiadians: Galactic Technology, What Has Happened and What To Expect Happy New Year! We face a new time filled with glorious new opportunities, and we now have the full collective and individual ability to anchor miracles unto … Continue reading

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Subtle Changes Into A Whole New Reality [by Hilarion channeled by Marlene Swetlishoff]

HILARION’S WEEKLY MESSAGE 2012 December 30 – January 6, 2013 Beloved Ones, The air is alive with wonderment and magic. There is a pervading feeling of the anticipation of something wonderful coming. You have arrived at your destination and are … Continue reading

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Derek Sivers Gave His Company To Charity

The timing of this information is Divine. I was guided by my Angels to find it and just had to share it. You’re awesome Derek Sivers, and such an inspiration to me! Thank you for all you share. I hope … Continue reading

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