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The Ascension Is Not An Exclusive Club by Bella Capozzi

Ascension is happening.  It is happening everywhere you look, everywhere you go.  You have need only to open up your hearts and your eyes to know that this is true. Be of a mind to see, but see with your … Continue reading

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A Reminder To All Light Workers by Wes Annac

You are pure, Golden Light who has taken a human form. Believe this. Feel this. Know this. Recognize your inherent higher dimensionality within yourselves and continually remind yourselves that you are God. You are the Creator, who has funneled aspects … Continue reading

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SaLuSa 14-November-2012 by Mike Quinsey

The love and peace being established on Earth is growing exponentially, and as each day now passes it is encompassing the whole world. To a greater or lesser degree every soul is being affected by it, and some find it … Continue reading

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Divine Calculations Determine Your Reality by Wes Annac

-Channeled through Wes Annac- [Note from Wes: Let us remember as well that our thoughts and feelings will determine our realities! Interesting synch with the titles, eh?] The Pleiadian High Council: Divine Calculations Determine Your Reality You dear souls are undergoing … Continue reading

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