Holosync Meditations – Cure For A Restless Mind!

Do you have a difficult time quieting your mind?

Is it hard for you to fall asleep at night because you cannot shut off the thoughts running through your head?

Are you impatient or do you experience anxiety?

Do you put yourself last a lot of the time because you feel it’s more important to help others?

If you answered yes any of these questions, I can relate because my answer was yes to all of these questions. And honestly, I didn’t really think or sense anything was wrong with any of this. But there came a time in my life when I did feel overwhelmed.

My personal experience with Centerpointe’s meditation product called Holosync has been profound and life-changing!


It was when I was building a network marketing business that I was introduced to Holosync by a business associate during a time when I was extremely busy doing a lot of recruiting, building my team and helping my team.

I had never been able to meditate because I could not turn off the mind chatter that incessantly played in my head. I tried to quiet my mind using traditional meditation techniques, but I had never been successful.

I relayed this information to my friend who was telling me about Holosync. She assured me that I wouldn’t have to do anything but put on some headphones and do nothing but listen to Holosync and it would help me.

I did my research online at their website and then ordered the demo and then the first level of Holosync called Awakening Prologue.

I had a boyfriend I was living with at the time and we were not doing well. Many things about him and our relationship really bothered me. Within two weeks of using Holosync, this all changed. Even my boyfriend noticed a night and day change in me.

He noticed so much change in me that he decided to give Holosync a try. Then I, too, noticed a night and day change in him.

It was amazing the difference I felt inside. So much more peace and calm. Things just did not bother me as much anymore.

I would use Holosync right before going to sleep each night. Even though the instructions say to sit upright, I always used it while lying down on my bed just before going to sleep. And many times I would fall asleep while listening to it.

Let me tell you that this did not keep it from working. In fact, I fell asleep most times while listening to Holosync and it was a rare occasion to find me sitting up in the usual meditation pose that is suggested. Yet I still experienced profound changes and an opening up to experiences I never thought I would.

I highly recommend Holosync to anyone and everyone who wants to experience more peace in their life. It literally changed my life!

It was the beginning of a huge transformation in my life that could only happen with quieting my mind so that more Divine inspiration could find space to come in. What resulted after that is a long story and a journey that continues. I am writing a book about it.

Give Holosync a try. I promise it will be worth it! Well, I can say that it was for me. It was my cure for a restless mind.


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